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The NeuroWire Virtual Club brings together neuroscientists across the world to discuss novel findings in the field of neural circuits through an open virtual forum. Organized by Dr. Lisa Topolnik (, professor at the Neuroscience Axis of the CRCHUQ-Laval University Research Centre, NeuroWire Club is hosting numerous virtual events ranging from expert talks to group debates with leaders in the neural circuit field to discuss recent discoveries and identify new challenging directions.

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Next Talk

June 8
10-00 to 11-00 EST

Matthew Lovett-Barron

University of California, San Diego. USA

Collective movement and neurobiology of schooling fish

Many animals engage with the world as part of a cohesive group, including flocks of birds, swarms of insects, and schools of fish. Collective behavior emerges from interactions amongst individuals, where each animal’s movements are influenced by the actions of their neighbors. My lab is interested in the perceptual and neural mechanisms regulating the decisions of individuals in collectives, using the small transparent glassfish (Danionella cerebrum) as a model system. Here I will discuss our work quantifying the schooling behavior of Danionella, methods for measuring and manipulating collective movement, the maturation of social behavior over development, and ongoing efforts to record neural activity from schooling fish.

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