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Invited Speakers 2021

DECEMBER 16, 2021
10-00 TO 11-00 EST

Jean-Claude Lacaille
Université de Montréal, Canada

Hippocampal somatostatin interneurons and memory

DECEMBER 9, 2021
10-00 TO 11-00 EST

Vivien Chevaleyre
Paris Descartes University, France

Sequential inhibitory plasticities in hippocampal CA2 underlie social memory

DECEMBER 2, 2021
10-00 TO 11-00 EST

Sylvain Williams
Douglas Institute – McGill University, Canada

Memory rescue in Alzheimer mice models; Underlying mechanisms and sleep

NOVEMBER 25, 2021
10-00 TO 11-00 EST

From single cell to population coding during defensive behaviors in prefrontal circuits

NOVEMBER 18, 2021
10-00 TO 11-00 EST

Mahesh Karnani
University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Neural circuitry for sensorimotor processing in the lateral hypothalamus

NOVEMBER 4, 2021
10-00 TO 11-00 EST

Jesper Sjöström
McGill University, Canada

Unconventional NMDA receptor signalling in neocortical plasticity

OCTOBER 28, 2021
10-00 TO 11-00 EST

Jayeeta Basu
New York University Neuroscience Institute, USA

Multimodal sensory cortical input modulates hippocampal dendritic excitability by recruiting a local disinhibitory microcircuit

OCTOBER 21, 2021
10-00 TO 11-00 EST

Romain Goutagny
The European Neuroscience Institute at Strasbourg, France

Decoding the hippocampal oscillatory Complexity to predict behavior

OCTOBER 14, 2021
11-00 TO 12-00 EST

Vikaas Sohal
UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences, USA

How do oscillations and emergent patterns of multineuron activity contribute to the normal and pathological function of prefrontal circuits?

OCTOBER 7, 2021
10-00 TO 11-00 EST

Rebecca Piskorowski
Paris Descartes University, France

Memorable first impressions : a hypothalamic-hippocampal circuit underlying novel social memory formation

SEPTEMBER 30, 2021
10-00 TO 11-00 EST

Michele Giugliano
Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati (SISSA), Italy

Correlation transfer in cortical neurons

SEPTEMBER 16, 2021
10-00 TO 11-00 EST

Simon Chen
University of Ottawa, Canada

Dissecting neural circuits underlying motor learning in normal and disease mouse models

MAY 27, 2021
10-00 TO 11-00 EST

Derek Bowie
McGill University, Canada

NMDA receptor dysfunction in the Fragile X brain

MAY 20, 2021
10-00 TO 11-00 EST

Inhibitory interneurons next to principal cells – what do they do?

MAY 13, 2021
10-00 TO 11-00 EST

Roberto Araya
Université de Montréal, Canada

A spike-timing-dependent plasticity rule for single, clustered and distributed dendritic spines

MAY 6, 2021
10-00 TO 11-00 EST

Marco Canepari
Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de  Physique (LIPhy),
Université Grenoble Alpes, France

Optical analysis of neuronal ionic currents in their native system

APRIL 29, 2021
10-00 TO 11-00 EST

Sylvain Crochet
Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

The mouse cortical states in wakefulness, sleep and task-engagement

APRIL 15, 2021
9-30 TO 10-30 EST

Alexey Semyanov
IBCH RAS, Russia​

Decoding calcium activity in single astrocytes and astrocytic networks

APRIL 8, 2021
10-00 TO 11-00 EST

Frances K Skinner
Krembil Research Institute, Canada

Insights derived from inhibitory cell modeling in the hippocampus over two decades

MARCH 18, 2021
10-00 TO 11-00 EST

​Ivo Spiegel
Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Behavioral state-dependent modulation of sensory processing and plasticity in cortical circuits

MARCH 11, 2021
10-00 TO 11-00 EST

Elsa Rossignol
University of Montreal,
CHU Sainte-Justine Research Center, Canada

Cortical inhibition and genetic epilepsies

MARCH 4, 2021
10-00 TO 11-00 EST

Steven Prescott
University of Toronto, SickKids, Canada

Inhibition in the spinal dorsal horn and its reduction in chronic pain

FEBRUARY 25, 2021
10-00 TO 11-00 EST

Balázs Rózsa
Institute of Experimental Medicine, Hungary

Sharp-wave ripple events induce complex dendritic spikes in parvalbumin interneurons in behaving mice

FEBRUARY 18, 2021
10-00 TO 11-00 EST

Sebastien Royer
Korea Institute of Science and Technology,
South Korea

How the mapping of the space by place cells develops with experience?

FEBRUARY 11, 2021
10-00 TO 11-00 EST

Altered connectivity of PV interneurons in autism-related phenotypes

FEBRUARY 4, 2021
10-00 TO 11-00 EST

Karri Lamsa
University of Szeged, Hungary

High-accuracy signaling and plasticity in the human basket cells

JANUARY 21, 2021
10-00 TO 11-00 EST

Mechanistic insights into synaptic microcircuit imbalance in Alzheimer’s disease

JANUARY 14, 2021
10-00 TO 11-00 EST

Lisa Topolnik
CRCHUQ-Laval University Research Centre, Canada

Cortical disinhibitory circuits: cell types, connectivity and function