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Invited Speakers 2020

December 17, 2020
10-00 to 11-00 EST

Attila Losonczy
Columbia University, USA

The “Hippocampal Triad”: Excitatory, Inhibitory, and Modulatory Underpinnings of Episodic Learning and Memory

December 10, 2020
10-00 to 11-00 EST

Mark Brandon
McGill University, Canada

Spatial and temporal dynamics of hippocampal representations

December 3, 2020
10-00 to 11-00 EST

Richardson Leao 
Brain Institute, UFRN, Brazil

A noncanonical auditory pathway modulates theta oscillations and place cell activity in the hippocampus

November 19, 2020
10-00 to 11-00 EST

Kai-Florian Storch
McGill University, Canada

Beyond the circadian clock: the neural substrates of arousal rhythms and their relation to psychopathology

October 22, 2020
11-00 to 12-00 EST

Igor Timofeev
Laval University,  CERVO Research Center, Canada

Is human a good model
to study mice sleep 2?